About Us

Gaotec Sdn. Bhd., formerly known as Gaotec Industrial Services, is an authorized solutions provider for numerous notable manufacturing brands around the world. With over three decades of experience, we represent multinational manufacturers of equipment, machinery and tools for various industries, including semiconductors, automotive and lighting and pharmaceutical in Malaysia.


Our Story

The story of Gaotec Services started back in 1992 when the company was founded to provide the best technical support, industrial services and after-sales services (repair & maintenance services) to the semiconductor industry. Through years of hard work and dedication, we have gained recognition from industry players and obtained several distributorships from different manufacturers around the globe.

Our Expertise

Today, Gaotec Sdn Bhd is known for its expertise in the non-contact measuring system, failure analysis (wire/bond testing, laser decapsulation), and machine vision. We are one of the best one-stop solution providers for lighting and camera system. Backed by a strong technical team with extensive know-how, we also offer industrial standard repair and maintenance services on various appliances.


Our Presence

We at Gaotec Sdn Bhd are grateful for the unwavering support of our valued customers in helping us to expand our market. Today, we have offices in Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Singapore, Thailand and partners in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. Gaotec Sdn Bhd strives to be a distinguished specialist in providing the best solutions and services. We are constantly upgrading our knowledge to meet the standard of advanced technology and provide value-added contract services to our valued customers and partners